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Endolla Barcelona electric recharging points

The existing recharging points for motorcycles and electric cars in the B:SM Parking Network are part of the Endolla Barcelona electric recharging points service, the network of electric recharging points of Barcelona.

How to use the electric recharging points

To know its location and use Endolla Barcelona electric recharging points located into the B:SM Parking Network, previously it is necessary to:

  1. Download the smou app, the personal mobility free app of Barcelona.
  2. Create a user and, if you have an electric vehicle card, link it.
  3. Activate Endolla Barcelona service.
  4. Subscribe the payment method that best suits your mobility.

Once done, to make use of a recharging point located into the B:SM Parking Network:

  1. Go to the Endolla Barcelona service in the smou app.
  2. Scan the QR code of the recharging point you want to actívate.
  3. Connect your vehicle with the corresponding connector.
  4. Select 'Start recharging' on the Endolla Barcelona service screen of the smou app.
  5. The Price €/kWh of your recharge will be the one that corresponds to the type of vehicle, location of the recharging point and type and time of recharging of the subscription modality that you have contracted (right to recharge up to a máximum use of 6 hours).


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Recharging Points

Sustainability and energy efficiency are both priority criteria under Barcelona’s mobility policy and is becoming an increasingly important criterion for consumers when buying vehicles.

Currently, B:SM Car Parks Network has 366 Recharging Points, 192 for cars and 174 for motorcycles. The installation of Recharging Points for electric vehicles at B:SM Car Parks Network involves the supply of standard 220 volts using a safety plug.

Our Recharging Points accept Mennekes plugs. This type of plug can offers up to 16A (3.6 KW) however, the charging time will depend of vehicle and its recharge’s need.

Through initiatives such as these, B:SM aims to encourage the use of electric vehicles in the city, which helps to improve sustainable mobility: reduce CO2 emissions, reduce noise and promote respect for the environment.


Electric Vehicles Season Tickets

If you have an electric vehicle and need a parking space with plug, the B:SM Parking Network offers you different options to contract season tickets for an electric parking space, with a máximum use of 12h/day of use of the electric parking space, depending on availability of plugs in each parking lot.

To be able to use the parking spaces intended for seasonal ticket holders with electric vehicles, it is mandatory to contract the electric season ticket modality or, if already seasonal ticket holder, request the change to the electric mode. the cost of the recharging service is not included in the price of the electric parking space seasonal ticket.

Onc the electric season ticket modality has been contracted, to actívate the recharging point is mandatory to be a user of the smou app with the Endolla Barcelona service and the chosen payment method both activated.

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