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50% discount on the online purchase of a 24-Hour Pass season ticket

Take advantage with the new promotion 50% discount on the first two payments if you hire online a car 24-hour season ticket on selected car parks of the B:SM Parking Network.

B:SM Parking Network, the car parks in Barcelona that suits your life because we are in your day-to-day.

To enjoy this special offer:

1. Click on ‘Buy’ and enter the following data in the Search engine:

  • Where are you going: enter the area where you want to purchase a car 24-Hour Pass season ticket 
  • Vehicle type: select ‘Tourism
  • Parking duration: select ‘Months’ 
  • Hours: select ‘24’ 

2. Click on the ‘Search’ button.

3. From the results, choose the 'Complete' modality of the car park you are interested in and click on 'Buy'.

4. Enter the ABO21 code in the ‘Click here to enter your code’ field to apply the discount and finish your online purchase.


Special offer valid from October 1, 2021 until November 30, 2021, depending on the availability of season tickets in each car park.

Special offer valid at BSM Avda. Gaudí, BSM Cardenal de Sentmenat, BSM Concepció Arenal, BSM Cotxeres de Sarrià, BSM Marina Gràcia, BSM Mercat La Boqueria, BSM Mercat Sagrada Familia, BSM Mitre-Putxet, BSM Moll de la Fusta, BSM Pl. Arts, BSM Pl. Bonanova, BSM Porta de Sarrià and BSM Tanatori de les Corts car parks.

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