Recharge Points Availability Map

The Recharge Points Availability Map provides real-time information about the availability of the different Electric Vehicle Recharge Points in each car park of B:SM Car Parks Network.

By clicking on the icon of each car park of B:SM Car Parks Network, you can know how many plugs are available in real-time and for what types of electric vehicle (car or motorcycle). With this information, you can program when recharge your electric vehicle or go directly to the nearest available Recharge Point in case you need to recharge urgently.

Recharging Points

Park your electric vehicle at B:SM Car Parks Network and use our recharging points facilities at our car parks that offer this services.

Although today, electric vehicles make up a relatively small proportion, sustainability and energy efficiency are both priority criteria under Barcelona’s mobility policy and is becoming an increasingly important criterion for consumers when buying vehicles.

Currently, B:SM Car Parks Network has 308 Recharging Points, 160 for cars and 148 for motorcycles. The installation of Recharging Points for electric vehicles at B:SM Car Parks Network involves the supply of standard 220 volts using a safety plug.

All our Recharging Points accept Mennekes plus and Schuko plugs. Both type of plug can offers up to 16A (3.6 KW). The power will depend on the type of plug of vehicle: some vehicles with Schuko limit it to 10A; although the Schulko’s normally works at 12A and the Mennekes at 16A. The charging time will depend of vehicle and its recharge’s need.

Through initiatives such as these, B:SM aims to encourage the use of electric vehicles in the city, which helps to improve sustainable mobility: reduce CO2 emissions, reduce noise and promote respect for the environment.

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Electric Vehicles Season Tickets

If you have an electric vehicle and need a parking space with plug, the B:SM Car Parks Network has at your disposal seasonal tickets for electric vehicles. Remember that the cost to charge is free. Request information without obligation by filling out the following form.

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Bicing Electric stations at car parks

At car parks within the B:SM Network, you’ll find 24 of the 46 Bicing Electric stations that have been put into operation and distributed around the city, accommodating more than 300 bicycles.

Complementary to the current Bicing service, Bicing Electric was created to improve the service, expand public transport, improve sustainability within the city and enable long and uphill trips, with the aim of strengthening it as a means of transport within the city.

Use Park&Ride in the city of Barcelona.

B:SM offers Park&Ride parking for cars, located on the outskirts of the city. The aim of this scheme is to encourage drivers to park their vehicles and use public transport to come in to the city. These car parks are situated near bus, metro or train stations for easy transfer, thereby becoming transfer points that encourage mixed use of private and public transport. B:SM offers short- and long-stay options at reduced Park&Ride rates. These parking are: Plaça Forúm, Rius i Taulet, Sant Genis i Marqués de Mulhàcen.

Map of Park & Ride car parks


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