The BSM Mercat de Sant Antoni car park opens a new secure area for bikes

The BSM Mercat de Sant Antoni car park is opening a new secure and exclusive area for bicycle users. The aim of this new service is to offer subscribers and users by day or part of day a more comfortable and secure space to park their bicycles.

This new secure area for bicycles in the BSM Mercat de Sant Antoni car park has 48 spaces for bicycles, video-surveillance monitoring and an identifier for accessing the space that allows only those entitled to use this exclusive area to enter. In addition, a pump has been provided for bicycle users to help them take care of their tyres.

This new service will soon be installed in the BSM Mercat de la Boqueria car park and will be extended to the rest of the B:SM Network car parks.

How it works

To leave or collect a bicycle from the secure bicycle area, users must first identify themselves as subscribers of the bicycle mode in the BSM Mercat de Sant Antoni car park by reading the QR on their subscriber card or as users of the bicycle parking service per day or part of day by reading the QR on the ticket previously obtained from the ATM.

Once the access has been correctly identified and validated, the door will be unlocked for a few seconds to gain access. Once inside, the bicycle must be left chained with its own lock in the corresponding space, depending on whether you are a bicycle subscriber or a per day or part of day user, and when you have finished, you must leave, making sure that the door is securely closed.

This new service is a great improvement for cyclists, as it allows them to enjoy more comfort and security in the B:SM car parks.

Return of the padlock

From now on, everyone will need to bring their own padlock. Users will be able to use the padlock of their choice. The return of the official B:SM Car Parks padlock can be made at the control booth, where it must be handed in to the staff on weekdays between 6:45 am and 10 pm.

The new urban mobility

One of the main objectives of B:SM is to contribute to the improvement of mobility in the city, understood it as sustainable, healthy, efficient, connected and shared. B:SM has already led different digitalisation and innovation projects that have been transforming the concept of parking in the city. Now, however, it is taking a step forward in this commitment to make a global transformation and to address the key challenges of cities: environmental pollution, time saving and optimisation of public space.

To date, B:SM has already launched several pioneering projects that are already a reality and serve as a starting point for future transformation:

  • The development of personal and professional mobility app smou that allows quick parking without paper ticket nor the need to go through the cashier or parking meter.
  • Click & Collect smart locker service with more than 500 lockers in 10 car parks.
  • Diversification of existing spaces to accommodate all types of vehicles, adapted according to the environment and demand (cars, motorbikes, vans, trucks or bicycles).
  • The location of spaces reserved for fleets of sharing vehicles with the offer of independent operators such as Carmar, Europcar, Like!, Som Mobilitat or Ubeeqo.
  • The provision of 3G and 4G coverage to all car parks, which have already been prepared for the arrival of 5G.
  • An offer of 410 electric recharging points (233 for cars and 177 for motorbikes) and intelligent energy management that makes it possible to take advantage of surplus production at night.


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