New Private Zone on the website

We have launched a new Private Zone on the website so that all B:SM Car Park Network subscribers can directly manage different services.

How to register?

1. Click on the 'SIGN UP' button located on the top right hand side of the website: www.aparcamentsbsm.cat
2. Enter your info details:

  • DNI/NIF/NIE identification number of the contract holder (written without hyphens)
  • Email you want to registrer as a user
  • License plate of a vehicle associated to the contract (written with hyphens)

3. Click on 'Registrar' and follow the instructions to create your password.
4. Confirm the activation of your new user by clicking on the link that will be sent to your email.
5. Once you have confirmed the activation, close the browser window.


How to access the Private Zone?

Once you have registered your new user:
1. Open a window in your browser and go to the website: www.aparcamentsbsm.cat.
2. Click on the 'PRIVATE ZONE' button located on the top right hand side of the website.
3. Log in.


What can you do in the Private Zone?

  • User details: contact details and email address. These details can be edited when necessary.
  • Bank details: contract(s) associated with your DNI/NIF/NIE and direct debit details. The direct debit can be modified here when necessary.
  • My Subscriptions: in this section you can consult the vehicles associated with the contract and manage the entry by number plate identification and add or delete a vehicle associated with the contract. Only one number plate can be activated at a time.
  • Invoices: here you can consult and download the history of invoices and the next bill.
  • Requests: here you can request temporary or permanent cancellations, contract modifications, new contracts or a duplicate of your Subscriber Card.
  • GDPR module: you can find at any time the information regarding the use of personal data and the authorisation of the level of use that you want us to make.
  • Password: here you can change the password to access the Private Zone. 


You will find all the detailed information in the manual, download it here.



From Aparcaments B:SM, we continue working to offer you more and better services!




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