Automatic number plate recognition system is now available for motorbikes

For a few days now, motorbikes can enter and leave the BSM Gracia Motos car park by automatic number plate recognition. Soon, we are starting to implement it all over the B:SM Car Park Network!

This October we carried out a pilot test at the BSM Gracia Motos car park with the collaboration of some car park subscribers who volunteered to participate. The aim of this test was to detect whether there were aspects of the automatic number plate recognition system that needed to be improved, and also to ensure that the needs of motorist subscribers were met.

Once the test has been completed and the relevant adjustments have been made to guarantee the optimum operation of the system, we will begin to implement it gradually at the other car parks in the BSM Car Park Network.

This new service will allow motorcyclists to enter and leave the car parks without having to use the card, since the cameras installed at the vehicle access points will read and recognise the number plate so that the barrier will open automatically, without the user having to do anything.

Therefore, this novelty will mean an improvement for motorbike drivers, since it will allow them to move in a more agile and comfortable way.

We keep moving forward to offer you the best service!


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