The B:SM Car Park Network is provided with mobile broadband coverage

The B:SM Car Park Network has provided 40 of their car parks with mobile broadband coverage, with the aim of offering a better service to its users, facilitating their daily management and focusing on the new uses of the car parks as multi-service mobility centres.

From now on, users of the BSM Car Park Network will have greater connectivity when making calls, surfing the Internet and using new value-added services such as access to car pools, use of mobile phone recharging points or use of e-commerce collection points.

The installation was carried out by the company Cellnex Telecom, which has equipped the car parks with DAS technology (Distributed Antenna Systems) offering 3G and 4G mobile coverage without losing the signal in any corner of the car parks. In total, more than 500 small antennas have been installed on all the floors of the car parks, with special emphasis on the main points of use: ticket machines, control centres, electric vehicle recharging points, car-sharing areas and traffic lanes.

This technology has future prospects, as it is ready to be adapted to 5G coverage. The project has involved an investment of €1 million, which also includes the comprehensive maintenance of the infrastructure.

Improving the user experience

This deployment brings significant benefits and advantages for users, as it guarantees internet access from all points in the car park. This improves the user experience in terms of the quality of calls and the use of the Internet and the services associated with mobile applications.

The coverage also makes it possible to use the Endolla Barcelona network's electric vehicle recharging points in the car parks, which are managed through the smou app.

In addition, the advantages associated with this greater connectivity will make it possible to deploy new applications and carry out a conceptual conversion in Service Centres from a smart parking perspective. This will facilitate the management of other value-added services such as e-commerce distribution and collection points, and courier and parcel service consignments. These types of services are more data-intensive, which is why the connectivity systems have been advanced to 4G and the necessary structure has been prepared for adaptation to 5G.


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