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Innovation in B:SM car parks in times of covid-19 crisis

B:SM Car Parks innovate and adapt their operating processes to the covid-19 crisis

Since the declaration of the State of Emergency caused by the Covid-19, the municipal network of B:SM Car Parks in Barcelona has been adapted and organised to facilitate free parking for the personnel of different hospitals and health centres in the city. B:SM contributes its small grain of sand to this exceptional situation, facilitating the mobility of the healthcare personnel who are facing this health emergency on the front line.

In order to start this process in a full state of alarm, the different units of the B:SM municipal company have worked in coordination to establish a new remote and real time operation, which initially was difficult to implement, taking into account the daily updating of the spaces available in each centre and the scarce physical presence of B:SM workers in the car parks to guarantee their safety.

The involvement of the entire team of people in the Car Park Unit, in close coordination with other departments and directorates of the company, has led to the implementation of a new operating model during the crisis that has taken advantage of the already existing digitalisation to involve all areas of action: the team, the technology, the processes and all the way to the end user. 

Free parking is provided for healthcare personnel from 25 centres of the city in 17 car parks in the network

Firstly, the process has been able to start thanks to a technical evolution that was underway and that the emergency situation has taken advantage of as a test bed. This involves the remote preparation of a white list of registration numbers for each car park where the authorised registration numbers of the healthcare personnel are added daily, validated by the management of each healthcare centre and the Car Park team.

This functionality allows authorised healthcare personnel to park in the car park closest to their centre, in complete safety and comfort, by automatically opening the number plate, remotely loading each of the authorised registration numbers according to the centre. The process that has been established during the alarm state consists of different steps.

After an initial contact through the authorised administrations, the Car Park team makes an analysis of the availability at each centre and manages the request.

Once the data on registration number is received, this data is transferred and saved in the system. This is where the team from the Operations Support Centre (CSO) comes in, which remotely controls access to the different car parks and which during the first days of the crisis were distributed into sub-centres to guarantee people's safety. 

The teams at B:SM Car Parks and the Operations Support Centre have coordinated the entire operation on a daily basis in order to solve possible incidents at the time, control the free spaces at each car park, analyse data in real time and continue to offer available spaces according to the needs of each case.

In total, B:SM provides free parking for healthcare personnel from 25 centres in 17 car parks in the network. Up to the end of April, the number of registered vehicles was 1,400, with an average of 190 vehicles per day.


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