Recommendations to avoid further spread of COVID-19 when travelling by private transport

After days of total confinement to cope with the pandemic caused by COVID-19, it is time to return to those work activities where teleworking is not possible. Whether we go by private or public transport, we must do so with caution to avoid further contagion.

If the transfer is by private car, before taking it, in order to avoid breakdowns or accidents, it is recommended to check some items such as tire pressure or battery status, as well as clean it every time we move.

Steel and plastic are very common elements in any vehicle. They are surfaces on which the coronavirus can survive for a long time (up to three days, according to experts). For this reason, we recommend you to clean, disinfect and ventilate it frequently each time you use it.

The Euromaster chain has made a guide with some tips to carry out a safe cleaning of our vehicles.

  • Door handle, gear lever and steering wheel: we'll have to clean these items daily, in and out of the vehicle.
  • Mats: it is important to clean them often, as they accumulate a lot of dirt. If they are made of fabric, we recommend using a brush and then vacuuming. If they are made of rubber, it is advisable to apply hot water under pressure and then apply a disinfectant.
  • Dashboard: it is advisable to clean it often, as it attracts dirt and dust. A disinfectant liquid must also be applied.
  • Ventilation grilles: to avoid clogging, it is important to clean them often with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Windows: as they are in contact with the outside, it is advisable to clean them often, first disinfect them and then wipe them with glass cleaning fluid.

In addition, the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) recommends caution when travelling by car to avoid accidents. Now more than ever, it is important not to have to use either emergency or health services.



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