The B:SM Car Park Network facilitates parking for healthcare personnel in Barcelona

In response to the health emergency caused by COVID-19 and coinciding with the application of the Royal Decree of the State of Emergency (RD 463/2020), the B:SM CAR Park Network is working to guarantee maximum parking facilities for health care professionals in the city's health centres. In this sense, and in coordination with the Management of the health centres closest to a car park from the B:SM Car Park Network, each need has been evaluated in order to offer the best parking solution to the city's health groups.

Currently, 15 car parks from the B:SM network provide parking for healthcare professionals, which means more than 1,100 vehicles with an average daily use of 160 uses (Monday to Friday) and 95 uses (at weekends). In total, since March 17, more than 1,800 uses have been recorded in the different car parks in the B:SM network.



Health CentreCar Park
Agència Salut Pública de BarcelonaBSM Torrent de l'Olla
CAP GuinardóBSM Pg. Maragall
CAP MansoBSM Mercat de Sant Antoni
Clínica PlatóBSM Pl. Bonanova + BSM Mitre-Putxet
Consorci Sanitari de BarcelonaBSM Hospital del Mar
EAP SardenyaBSM Marina Gràcia
Grup MutuamBSM Travessera de Dalt
Hospital de BarcelonaBSM Flos i Calcat
Hospital de l'EsperançaBSM Travessera de Dalt
Hospital del MarBSM Hospital del Mar + BSM Marina Port
Hospital Sant PauBSM Avda. Gaudí
Hospital Vall d'HebronBSM Sant Genís
P.S. Pere Virgili - CAP BarcelonetaBSM Hospital del Mar
P.S. Pere Virgili - CAP LarradBSM Travessera de Dalt
P.S. Pere Virgili - CUAP GràciaBSM Travessera de Dalt


Access to the car parks is by means of registration number reading in order to facilitate entry and exit from the car parks and to encourage prevention by reducing the need for contact to a minimum, as the barrier automatically opens so the user does not need to stop or take out a ticket.  

In view of this exceptional situation, work is also being done to respond to the different needs of subscribers and those who, during the state of alarm, cannot enjoy their subscription and therefore do not have their vehicle in the car park, may request temporary cancellation at no cost. 

In addition, the prevention advice concerning COVID-19 has been made public through the digital screens located in the car parks and the prevention and disinfection measures of all the facilities have been increased to guarantee the safety of the workers and the users.


B:SM Customer Office:

Email: atclientbsm[at]bsmsa[dot]cat

Phone: 934092021


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