The permanent Low Emission Zone comes into force on 1 January 2020

The low emission zone Rondes de Barcelona will restrict the circulation of the most polluting vehicles, those without a DGT environmental label, on working days between 7 am and 8 pm.


 • Pollution is a serious health problem that affects everyone throughout their life. In 2018 there were 351 deaths with causes attributable to pollution, which particularly affects the most vulnerable: children, elderly people, pregnant women and adults with cardiorespiratory or chronic diseases.

 • Barcelona continuously exceeds the pollution levels set by the WHO, every day. This constant exposure to harmful particles affects children’s health and their development.

What will be achieved by the Low Emission Zone Rondes de Barcelona?

 • As many as 50,000 vehicles will cease to circulate in Barcelona every day. That means 20% fewer vehicles than at present. These are vehicles that do not have the DGT label because they pollute excessively. For example, withdrawing from circulation a diesel vehicle that is more than 20 years old is equivalent to removing 35 modern vehicles.

 • We will reduce NO2 emissions, which are mainly caused by traffic, by 15%. And in 15 years, we will have reduced polluting emissions (especially NO2 and PM10) by 30%.

If my vehicle does not have a DGT environmental label, what should I do?

      • Check if it belongs to any of these groups:

 o Professional hauliers: they have a one-year moratorium. Prior registration is not required.

 o Vehicles of people with reduced mobility or emergency services: these can circulate if they are registered.

• If not, you can register yours and request 24-hour permits (up to 10 days a year).

• Get around sustainably. The public transport system and the cycle lane network offer the best way of travelling within the low emission zone Rondes de Barcelona.

You can't see air pollution but you breathe it in. Reducing pollution protects your health.


More information at: zbe.barcelona


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