The Aparcaments B:SM website opens a section for Sustainable Mobility

Among the services and information that users can find in this new section is the query of a map of B:SM Parking Network in which check availability in real time of the charging points.

This consultation, in real time and accessible from any device, is done by clicking on the icon of each car park that appears on the map. The resulting file allows to know how many plugs are available at the specific time of the consultation and for what type of electric vehicle (car or motorcycle).

The objective is that the user can plan the recharge of his vehicle according to his availability or that allows him to go directly to the nearest available recharge point, in case of needing to recharge with urgency.

Recharging Points


The installation of Recharging Points for electric vehicles at B:SM Parking Network involves the supply of standard 220 volts using a safety plug.

All our Recharging Points accept Mennekes plus and Schuko plugs. Both type of plug can offers up to 16A (3.6 Kw/h), however the power will depend on the type of plug of vehicle.

Although today, electric vehicles make up a relatively small proportion, sustainability and energy efficiency are both priority criteria under Barcelona’s sustainability mobility policy. Because that, B:SM aims to encourage the use of electric vehicles in the city, which helps to improve sustainable mobility: reduce CO2 emissions, reduce noise and promote respect for the environment.

B:SM is a managing member of LIVE, Public-private Platform for the promotion of sustainable mobility in Barcelona and Catalonia. livebarcelona.cat/en


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