Parking Gràcia motos


C/ Gran de Gràcia, 190-192
08012 Barcelona

Rate for motorbikes

By-the-minute rate for motorbikes: €0.006687

1 hour: €0.40

Stay between 6 and 24 hours: €2.40

Overnight (From 21h to 09h): €0.80

Rate for bikes

Day or part of day €1,20

Click & Collect lockers

Located on Floor -1, in front of the control cabin.



Panell ofertes de publicitat


B:SM offers a number of advertising solutions for publicising your service to your customers and prospects: 

  • Stickers at the entrance to the establishment
  • Displays on shelves
  • Advertise your business in the car park on the general display panel of partner companies
  • Signage for parking (Foams de 70x100 cm)
  • Advertising modules in highly visible locations
    (introductory offer: first 6 months, 50% discount off standard rate)
  • Audio advertising
  • Advertising in lifts
  • Street Marketing Initiatives

For more information, see the section: Advertising

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If you are a local business or a company and want to offer your services to B:SM card-holders, fill out the form below or contact us via enxarxat[at]bsmsa[dot]cat. For more information, see the section: enxarxa't

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Targeta Abonat

Season Tickets

More than 40 car parks and more than 13,000 parking spaces at your service.

B:SM operates Barcelona’s largest network of car parks, securely operated and open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We meet your parking needs by offering a wide range of flexible season tickets for different time slots. You can choose the payment type that most suits you and enjoy many advantages. Park at more than 40 car parks and pay half price If you have a season ticket for the B:SM Network, use your card at the automatic machines and pay only 50% of the Pay-As-You-Go price at the other 40+ car parks across the B:SM Network around Barcelona*.
For more information, see the section: Season Tickets.

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Vehicles Accepted



24-hour Video Surveillance
24-hour Video Surveillance
Pedestrian access
Pedestrian access
Payment by card
Payment by card
Customer Support
Customer Support
Free luggage
Free luggage
Motos Elèctriques
Motos Elèctriques
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