Parking Encants-Plaça de les Glòries


C/ Castillejos, 158
08013 Barcelona
Maximum height for vehicles is 2,15 m.

Rate for Cars
By-the minute: 0,060010 €
1 Hour: 3,60 €
Stay from 13 to 24-hours: 46,80 €
Overnight: 21,60 €

Rate for Motorbikes
By-the minute: 0,015579 €
1 Hour: 0,95 €
Stay from 13 to 24-hours: 12,15 €
Overnight:5,60 €

Rate for Bicycles
Day or part of a day: 1,20 €

Click & Collect lockers

Located on Floor -2, in front of the vehicle ramp.

Show Tariff

Save 40% on your parking for up to 5 hours when you are attending a 2022 - 2023 season show of L'Auditori de Barcelona or Teatre Nacional de Catalunya with the Show Rate at €7.05 VAT included. More info here.



Targeta Abonat

Season Tickets

More than 40 car parks and more than 13,000 parking spaces at your service.

B:SM operates Barcelona’s largest network of car parks, securely operated and open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We meet your parking needs by offering a wide range of flexible season tickets for different time slots. You can choose the payment type that most suits you and enjoy many advantages. Park at more than 40 car parks and pay half price If you have a season ticket for the B:SM Network, use your card at the automatic machines and pay only 50% of the Pay-As-You-Go price at the other 40+ car parks across the B:SM Network around Barcelona*.
For more information, see the section: Season Tickets.

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Grup empreses i col·lectius

Companies and Groups

At B:SM, we have the solution to ensure that parking is not an obstacle to your business. Whether for you, your partners, your staff or your customers, we can help.

For customers: Hourly Vouchers.

This is the solution to ensure your customers and staff have no problems parking and make it easy for them to meet with you in your company or office. By the hour or part of an hour.

For suppliers and distributors: Pre-Pay Cards.

Customised parking solutions Making parking easier is a good investment.
You earn money from it.

For partners and employees: Personalised Season Tickets. 

A flexible and affordable system that suits the needs of your staff.

Are you holding an event or meeting in your company?

We have the right solution for you.

With your advertising: it’s best to be seen and heard!

Thousands of people use the B:SM car park nearest to your business. Turn the car park into another shop window for your business. Spots, posters, flyers... and Enxarxa't!

For more information, see the section: Companies and Groups

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Bonus Card

With the Bonus Card of B:SM, you can enjoy unlimited tickets and exits for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 days in the chosen car park of the B:SM Network.


Val Horari

Use our Vals Horaris to avoid running out of parking space. With Vals Horaris you can enjoy of guaranteed parking for 3 to 6 consecutive hours of the Parking Network of B: SM.


Pre-Pay Cards

To make your parking cheaper, faster, more convenient and to meet your specific needs: Pre-Pay Cards (by blocks of hours): 25, 50 and 100 hours.
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Parking Card

With B:SM’s Parking Card you can park anywhere within the B:SM network for 1, 3, 5 or 7 days. 


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Vehicles Accepted



Pedestrian access
Pedestrian access
Payment by card
Payment by card
Free luggage
Free luggage
Disabled access
Disabled access


9/9 Available

4/4 Available

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