B:SM manages more than 40 car parks in Barcelona to provide parking for residents, businesses and commuters into the city.

B:SM’s aim is focused on helping to improve mobility and enable solutions to the multiple demands generated by activity in the city.


B:SM’s main mission is to contribute to the development of Barcelona and improvement in the quality of life for residents and visitors, by facilitating movement. We therefore offer a network of more than 13,000 parking spaces across all areas of the city; these can be on a Pay-As-You-Go or Season Ticket basis. We offer exclusive parking for residents, with right of use for 50 years. And we provide parking for coaches, which can park for hours or days, and buy Season Tickets.

Efficiently and proactively manage services commissioned by the Barcelona City Council, while adding value to this services management and optimising profitability for society and the economy.

Our mission and vision are based on our corporate values: commitment, respect, rigour and honesty are the cornerstone of B:SM’s commitment to society in delivering services to citizens.


B:SM have been pioneers since 1994 with the introduction of a parking tariff system to provide citizens with the lowest price.


Barcelona de Serveis Municipals was the first company to introduce pricing by 15-minute time-slots across the entire network of car parks.


Reduction in the pay-as-you-go tariff to 5-minute times-slots, an initiative that was well-accepted by users and incorporated by other car park operators.


Implementation of the tariff system of charging by the minute: the final step in offering the fairest price. Through this measure, B:SM was ahead of the law of consumer protection which established payment by minutes.


Incorporation pf payment by minutes through the SMOU App, emcompassing Barcelona's mobility services in one application.


B:SM with innovative solutions to the city’s challenges

A model company for its contribution to ensure the expectations of citizens and Barcelona City Council are met, innovative in its management models that are reference points for other cities and where those of us who work are proud to be part of.

B:SM has a special interest in implementing new technological advances to improve services and customer satisfaction.

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Certificat ISO Aparcaments BSM

Quality Policy

B:SM has become a corporate benchmark and brand thanks to its Quality Policy.

The Municipal Parking Network’s Quality Policy is another example of the commitment of Barcelona Services Municipals SA to quality and continuous improvement. To achieve this we have to go above and beyond every day in looking after our customers, whose satisfaction is the best indicator of the quality of the services we offer.

B:SM - a network that offers services backed by ISO 9001 quality certification.

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