Special promotion Motorbikes at BSM Flos i Calcat

No excuse to park your motorbike on the street

BSM Flos i Calcat car park starts a campaign to promote the use of motorbikes at underground car parks. This campaign aims to publicize the availability of reserved spaces for motorbikes in the car parks of BSM Parking Network. In order to encourage the knowledge of this offer and the benefits of leave the motorbike in secure and monitored facilities, a special promotion has been launched consisting of:

- During the first fifteen days of the promotion, the price of motorbike rotation will be free.

- After, and for a limited time, the price of the motorbike rotation will have a discount of 50%.

- Creation of a new subscription Daily 9.30 Moto, without deposit and with a free month with a minimum stay of two months, and with a discount of 50% in the rotation of motorbike at BSM Parking Network.

Parking Flos i Calcat

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