In line with our commitment to meet the needs of our customers and users, B:SM Network car parks offer a range of quality value-added services.

Added-value services

Charging points

B:SM car parks have charging points for electric vehicles. Charging points B:SM

Park your electric vehicle with B:SM and use our battery charging facilities at our car parks that offer this service.

Although today's electric vehicles make up a relatively small proportion, sustainability and energy efficiency are two priority criteria under Barcelona’s mobility policy, and is becoming an increasingly important criterion for consumers when buying vehicles.

The installation of charging points for electric vehicles involves the supply of standard 220 volts using a safety plug. 

Through initiatives such as these, B:SM aims to encourage the use of electric vehicles in the city - which will help to improve mobility, reduce CO2 emissions, reduce noise and, ultimately, promote respect for the environment.

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Bicing Electric stations at car parks

At car parks within the B:SM Network, you’ll find 24 of the 46 Bicing Electric stations that have been put into operation and distributed around the city, accommodating more than 300 bicycles.

Complementary to the current Bicing service, Bicing Electric was created to improve the service, expand public transport, improve sustainability within the city and enable long and uphill trips, with the aim of strengthening it as a means of transport within the city.

Avancar car-sharing

Car parks within the B:SM Network offer the Avancar car-sharing service .

Avancar began the car-sharing revolution in Spain, and has grown to 6000 members and 300 cars in Barcelona since 2005.




At the B:SM-Badajoz car park, you’ll find Europcar’s office for the 22@ district.

Here, there are 35 places for Europcar vehicles, offering you access to Europcar’s full range of rental vehicles, Audi’s electric vehicles zone and Cooltra motorbikes.

Quality services


Our car parks offer free luggage storage for up to 15 days.

24-hour Video Surveillance

Our car parks are equipped with 24-hour surveillance cameras and a pioneering Control Centre created to monitor and support the management of the car parks, providing in-situ response to our customers.

Payment by card

Payment by card, both for pay-as-you-go and first payment of season tickets, to make your payments more convenient and flexible.

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